Vannia Ibarguen

Performance & Choreography

V.I.D.A. Danza

Project-based dance company that brings contemporary dance closer to the audience by creating and performing well rounded choreography in traditional and non traditional spaces, and incorporating multimedia work to express and promote thoughtful entertainment.


Participation in Festivals:  Blaktina Dance Festival at Bootleg Theatre (Los Angeles, 2015), Dance Festival at Jack Guidone Theater (Washington DC, 2014), VII Danza en la Ciudad International Dance Festival 2014 (Colombia), Libelula Dorada Contemporary Dance Festival 2014 (Colombia), Women Choreographers’ Festival 2013 (Peru), Encuentros Dance Festival 2013 (Peru), III Performance Festival: Experiencias de la Carne 2012 (Peru), V FEDAI International Dance Festival 100% Cuerpo (Peru), IV FIU Solo International Festival (Peru), Maryland Council For Dance's 34th State Dance Festival (Maryland), Performing Arts Repertory Company's 4th Annual Celebration of International Dance (Maryland), Danza al Mar (Argentina), Elsinor 2004 (Havana, Cuba), CQD Danza en Paisajes Urbanos Festival (Havana, Cuba), Solamente Solos Festival (Holguin, Cuba), Peruvian Young Choreographers Festival (Peru)

Artistic Director: Vannia Ibarguen

Vannia is Artistic Director of VIDA Danza, and Associate Artistic Director of Global Water Dances. She is a performer, choreographer and teacher. Her focus is in the interaction between dance and technology, and also the relationship between classical, contemporary and folk dance styles. She has been Communications Manager of the Peruvian Dance Council, IT consultant, and magazine collaborator. Vannia has received awards in United States, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, and the NDEO Excellence in Education Award (National Dance Education Organization) in 2009. Her interest as educator is to promote body awareness in order to enrich the student movement potential, his intellectual/emotional development and his own welfare. As an interdisciplinary artist, Vannia is studying Lighting Design at California State University to have a deeper understanding of the integration of movement, music and lighting. 

Vannia studied her undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering and graduated Magna Cum Laude. As a dancer, she has performed in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Hong Kong, and the US. She was a Soloist at the Ballet Municipal de Lima (Peru), and finalist at the XIII International Ballet Competition in Trujillo. In 2005, Vannia received the Best Dancer and Choreography Award in Argentina. In Washington DC, she has performed with Nejla Yatkin’s NY2Dance, Maryland Dance Ensemble, and D.C.'s Teatro de Danza Contemporanea. Vannia has also been an e-Business Consultant, Communication Manager at the National Dance Council-Peru, and journalist for DanzaHoy e-Magazine.

She obtained her MFA in Dance at the University of Maryland. Among the artists she worked with at the University of Maryland are John Jasperse, Tere O'Connor, Donna Uchizono and Victoria Marks. Vannia was awarded the Anne Zirulnik Student Scholarship for exceptional promise in Dance Education in the NDEO Conference in New York in June 2009. She has taught contemporary dance, jazz and ballet  in different universities, schools and private dance academies in United States, Peru and Colombia.

Vannia has been Artistic Director of her own dance troupe company called V.I.D.A Danza since 2005, choreographing and directing more than 20 small dances and seven full evening shows; and she is the Artistic Director of Global Water Dances, a non profit organization that orchestrates a biennial worldwide event of outdoor dance performances illuminating issues on water crisis, inspiring and empowering citizens to take action.


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