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Dance in a non conventional space, for four dancers. Inspired by the elements in nature, we took over a bar and danced over different surfaces, bringing the power of water, fire, wind and earth.

Aseismanos Espacio Cultural in Bogota, Colombia

Global Water Dances Bogota (2015, 2013)

Artistic Director in Colombia of Global Water Dances event held on June 20th 2015 and June 15th 2013 to raise awareness about water in our planet. Lead 20 dancers in a site-specific dance, including near 80 community members. 



Lucía is a shopaholic. Amelia always has the last cell, iPod, iPad versión and all new technology. Vannia has lunch fast food everyday, in ten minutes, in order to continue working. The world works economic and social aligned to then human needs. but our current global economy doesn't take in account that the planet and nature have limited resources.  

"Verde/Gris" explores through dance and multimedia how people depends on supply chain to live and how technology and consumerism affects nature and, in consequence, human beings.

Lucía adora salir de compras. Amelia siempre tiene la última versión de celular, iPod, iPad, y toda nueva tecnología que salga al mercado. Vannia almuerza comida rápida a diario, en diez minutos, para poder seguir trabajando. El mundo funciona económica y socialmente alineado a las necesidades del hombre de comer, vestirse, comunicarse y consumir. Sin embargo, con siete mil millones de personas, nuestra actual economía global de producción parece no tomar en cuenta que el planeta y la naturaleza poseen recursos limitados. ¿Es posible llegar a un entendimiento de nuestra responsabilidad para con el planeta? ¿Es posible crear un balance sostenible que asegure el bienestar de las generaciones futuras?

¿Es posible llegar a un entendimiento de nuestra responsabilidad para con el planeta? ¿Es posible crear un balance sostenible que asegure el bienestar de las generaciones futuras?


Transports us –through shadow theater and musical accompaniment- to the mysterious World of Yma Sumac, exotic Peruvian soprano who was very successful in the 50’s and made a new life in the United States.

Performed ta Encuentros - Danza Contemporánea Festival 2012


Mujer Habitada


Evening long solo dance that explores the physical and emotional changes in a woman who becomes mother. Inspired by her own experience, the viewer is transported to the world of the woman-mother, her transformation and her new life where she needs to balance her personal and family life. It has been shown at Dance Festival at Jack Guidone Theater (Washington DC, 2014), and several festivals during 2011/2012: ICPNA (April), El Olivar (April), V International Dance Festival “100% Cuerpo” (October), VII International Solo Festival (October), III Performance Festival: Experiencias de la Carne (November). It was performed in Washington DC on 2014 at the Jack Guidone Theatre.





Cercanas Lejanías



Full length work for 8 dancers. How can we continue in communication and our relationships with people who are important to us? Multimedia and dance in a multi-location environment. 

Shows: Sala Yuyachkani July 2010 and Peruvian American Institute (ICPNA Miraflores) August 2010.


Through the Distance

What is the impact of distance on people's lives? This piece examines how the established relationships among people change with distance and how humanity has created virtual extensions to continue in communication. Vannia portrays life as a set of departures, journeys and arrivals while exploring concepts like migration, separation and the use of technology. The show includes remote multi location performances developed in collaboration with dancers from California, Peru and Germany. MFA Thesis Concert.

Estrenada en la Universidad de Maryland, Dance Theatre, en Octubre 2009.

The piece was selected for the Joy of Motion Dance Festival and performed at the Jack Guidone Theater, Washington DC, 2009.


Small Dances from my Childhood


What we are is rooted in our childhood times. What experiences are key? What are impotant for our development? What little things generares big impact in our personalities? Short dances about situations experimented by the dancers are remembered on stage. 

Just for Fun

Children ludic activity is generous. What games we used to play? What are transgenerational and what are still played now?



Falling In


Why young people 'decide' to enroll into the military?

Stories from young american citizens that decide to put their lives in threat for their country.


Estampas Peruanas Contemporáneas


Idilio Muerto, Chiquita, Cholo Soy: Un espectáculo de tres solos referentes a la cultura peruana, vistas a través de un lente contemporáneo. “Chiquita” esta inspirada en la pobreza de las calles de Lima, reflejada en los niños que viven del trabajo en la urbe. Premio a Mejor Interpretación Femenina en Concurso Elsinor, Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana, Cuba. También presentado en el Festival Internacional "IX Danza en Paisajes Urbanos”. Estampas Contemporáneas ha sido presentado en el 34º Festival del Consejo de Danza de Maryland y en la 4º Celebración de Danza Internacional del Performing Arts Repertory Company en Maryland, EEUU. 



Explores Peruvian poet Cesar Vallejo’s life and poems. One section, the solo “Idilio Muerto” is a contemporary dance piece that explores Peru Central Andean dances and music. This solo won the Best Choreography award in “Danza al Mar” 2005 Festival (Argentina)


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